You are what you eat

Finding a justification for this title, write a Spanish colleague, that strange thing, resides in Barcelona, here is your answer: "Scientifically there is evidence that what you want it. Ever wonder how it goes where colours of the gaseous, acids, anabolic, antibiotics, hormones, putrecina, cadaverine, carcinomas, steroids , Antioxidants, enzymes, sulphites, sulphates, radioactivity, which are deposited into the meat of animals that are consumed daily in soft drinks, coffee and other so-called bad food? " Bueeno? So are the proverbs that are in essence true. We all know the evils that await the child before birth if their mothers are not concerned about having a healthy intake of food and drink. In this lesson we will talk about the methods available to put into use early can help us with our physical and emotional health. Food for thought and food for thought "That you are what you eat" is true, and is because you affects the brain.

So what is the best diet to nurture this body? The brain is the most wolverine of our body. Not only is wolverine, but it is a very hambrón with special dietary requirements. For the same reason it is easy to understand why what we eat can affect the way we think. What we do not yet exist is a pill, vitamin or a diet that influence so favourable functions of the brain. Because you must remember, it takes "a pill" to solve our problems transcendent.

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