Bald Women Can Be Sexy

There is a definite social stigma attached with being bald. Especially, it can be argued, for women. Hair is closely related to sexuality and often women can feel less sexy with less hair. Often when people lose their hair it can be a very traumatic experience and this will often affect the person that is losing their hair regardless of whether or not the perceived loss of sexuality is real or not.

Fortunately there are an increasing number of women that have been bald and there are now a number of very sexy women that are bald. This proves that being bald can indeed be extremely sexy. So who are the sexiest bald women?

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has recently wore a bald cap for her role in My Sisters Keeper a movie where she plays a mother that shaves her head to support a daughter that is suffering from leukemia. This beautiful Hollywood sex symbol carries off the look.

The thirty five year old, tall, blue eyed and naturally blonde beauty has played hundreds of roles in some of Hollywoods biggest films including; Charlies Angels, Something About Mary, The Holiday, Any Given Sunday and has even voiced the princess in the Shrek trilogy.

She made her big screen debut in The Mask next to Jim Carey and she has also performed music for her role in Vanilla Sky. She received over 20 million dollars for her role in the Charlies Angels sequel Charlies Angels: Full throttle.

Britney Spears

What needs to be said about the phenomenon that is Britney Spears? She has been inspiring fantasies across the globe since she ripped into the charts with the video for her debut single hit me baby one more time in which she wore a schoolgirls outfit. Since then she has become a firm favourite of men all over the world who have been enchanted by her many charms. She topped the FHM top 100 sexiest women in the world list in 2004 and has achieved a meteoric level of notoriety in recent years.

She recently shaved her head and brought a new level of interest in bald women.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver shaved her head for a role in the film Alien 3 and showed that badass babes could be sexy. Like the aliens that she fought she spawned a whole movement of men that hankered after bald women. Proof that dominance, power and baldness are attractive features in a woman.

Demi Moore

In 1997 Demi shaved her head for her role as naval SEAL in the blockbuster film GI Jane. Demi moore is another example of an extremely sexy woman who arguably looked better without hair. Not afraid to show off her ample assets she has appeared in a variety of hugely successful films including indecent proposal and the romantic classic Ghost.

Natalie Portman

Stunning actress Natalie portman is probably best known for her role as Padme Amidala in George Lucas Star Wars prequel trilogy. Her career hit the big time in 1994 when she played opposite Jean Reno in Luc Bessons cult classic Leon: The Professional.

More recently she starred in The Garden State and she has also won a golden globe award for her work in the film Closer. She notoriously shaved her head for a role in V for Vendetta in which she looked stunning.


About the Author (text)Shaun Parker has researched the various types of hair loss that exist and the hair replacement and hair transplant techniques that are available to combat hair loss. To find out more please visit http://www.crownclinic.co.uk


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