Strategies for Teaching ADD Children

There are certain behavior problems associated with ADD that results in other problems. Children who tend to show disruptive behavior in school are often labeled as bullies or trouble makers. Some people also label them as plain dumb.

Children suffering from other end of the disease are often termed as lazy or underachieving. In order to make things worse, these children face difficulty in understanding what's wrong with their behavior. This explains the tendency to become shocked when things go wrong. One of the biggest challenges is to improve the behavior of the ADD child & teaching him to recognize the consequences of the actions he indulges in.

It is also difficult to let him see things from other people's point of view. Here are some important steps to take in order to help students managing the behavior in class with ADD. - Identity problem behavior You need to objectively identity what problem that's interrupting the child's learning. In this case, you may take help of some of the other instructors.

Make a chart. List the behavior that occurs most frequently. Try to figure out what triggers it & what is the degree of disruption. You need to be as specific as possible.

For each problem that you recognize, try to jot down at least one strategy that may eliminate or change the behavior. - Identify the problem in class environment You need to look at the way you & other instructions treat the child, think whether you are over harsh. You need to analyze whether you are expecting more than the required from your child. Try to change your behavior if you are in a habit to punish your child more than often. -Healthy behavior You should actually exhibit behaviors that you want the child to follow.

- Partner for difficult tasks In case, a child is struggling to learn or remember a skill, assist him with a responsible older child or an instructor for providing help. The older child must know that his job is to act as a role model & a helper. This will let him understand the child with ADD better & behave accordingly. - Feedback You need to keep a track of the amount of positive & negative feedback you are giving to a child with ADD in class. You need to focus on areas where you can praise the child.

- Be specific An ADD child needs specific action messages & instructions. Try to know the exact difficulty of the child such as what he can't pay attention to or what makes him aggravate or behave in a particular problem. - Use rewards Look for appropriate rewards for the child. You can praise the child in front of the class to raise his or her confidence level.

Go for stars or tickets for material award. This will encourage him to act well the next time. - Never use ADD for an excuse Never use ADD for an excuse for a child's behavior. You need to make efforts to help the child improve his behavior.

Take time, understand the child's behavior & act accordingly.

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Strategies for Teaching ADD Children - There are certain behavior problems associated with ADD that results in problems.

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