Today's cartons control structure and surface: not just a box—the paperboard carton is a multifaceted delivery system for drugs and personal care products - Technology: paperboard cartonsSit in a room with a group paperboard carton manufacturers and they'll let you know in no uncertain terms that the paperboard carton is nothing short of remarkable. The mere fact that it performs as well as it does in today's competitive world of packaging options is a testament to high technology, engineering and design innovation.

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The empire strikes back: innovators releasing generic drugsMERCK'S reputation as a monster stock is at stake. Its price has tumbled 28% from its peak in late 2000, a stunning setback for shareholders of the world's second-biggest pharmaceuticals maker.In part, this is payback for Merck's laughing off the early stages of the 2000-01 bear market. Its shares soared 40% in the final nine months of

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TAP Pharmaceuticals settles with DOJ for $875 millionAn FDA advisory committee has voted overwhelmingly to recommend over-the-counter status for Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec, three popular prescription allergy drugs. But the drugs' manufacturers are opposing a switch, fearing that it could hurt their profits. As over-the-counter remedies, the drugs would no longer be covered by prescription plans; consumers would actually care how

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Survey: Supplement users fear Rx drugs - Category News - dietaryEven as other sectors of the domestic converting marketplace have continued to dwindle, the U.S. pharmaceutical market has remained relatively stable with its high demand for paperboard products and its respectable profit margins. Considering that a majority of Americans take at least one prescription drug each month, the numbers should not come as a surprise.

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Economic consequences of underuse of generic

Economic consequences of underuse of generic drugs: evidence from Medicaid and implications for prescription drug benefit plans - Primary Care and Workforce Issues - IllustrationBrand name drugs are typically more expensive than generic versions of the same drug, which in general have identical

Pharmaceutical costs weighing heavily on

Pharmaceutical costs weighing heavily on formulas, study findsBOSTON -- Stung by double-digit price increases on prescription medicines, health plans increasingly are taking cost into account when deciding which new

Pediatric Rx spending spending tops the growth

Pediatric Rx spending spending tops the growth chart - Chain Pharmacy - 2002 Drug Trend Report; prescription drugs - Brief Article - Statistical Data IncludedFRANKLIN LAKES, N.J.--Spending on prescription drugs for infants, children, adolescents and young adults has mushroomed 85 percent over the last five years,

Have pharmaceutical companies been unfair to

Have pharmaceutical companies been unfair to American consumers? Yes: Americans should not have to pay significantly more for the same prescription drugs as our friends in Canada and Europe - SYMPOSIUMThere is little question that increasing health-care costs are a problem that affects all Americans. Small businesses have difficulty hiring new employees because they can't afford to provide health insurance.