When Is The Best Time To Quit Smoking

As a smoker wanting to quit smoking, a common concern is when is actually the best time to quit smoking? After all, quitting smoking is a big deal and one that requires preparation (both mental and physical) plus a great deal of focus to get the ideal outcome from. Trying to quit smoking during a particularly stressful period of your life such as after the loss of your job or a familt pet is likely to result in failure. And yet it is also possible to get too precious about the timing an use this as an excuse *not* to quit. If you're over analysing and looking for the "perfect time" the sad fact is you'll never find it, and so some people go round in circles for literally years using this as an excuse not to quit just yet. "I really want to, but I'm just going to wait until I get this situation at work sorted out, then I will".

Let's be honest here - there never seems to be a perfect time. There'll always be something getting in the way whatever it might be. Maybe you've fallen out with your partner, maybe you're going for a promotion at work, maybe you've had some unexpected bills come in.

I hate to sound insensitive but that's the way life is and sometimes the best thing you can do to just push ahead regardless. After all, non-smokers manage to cope with these situations every day, don't they, so it must be possible?! Furthermore, if you do manage to stay off the nicotine during a period of your life like that, there'll be no stopping you in the future. Even better, your confidence in your abilities to get through a difficult situation *without* the need for a cigarette will skyrocket when you have managed it the first time. So in answer to the questions "when is the best time to qui smoking?" the answer is there *is* no best time. I suggest you look at your diary or calendar and select a date in a few weeks time.

Make it a day such as a Saturday where you'll be off work. You can then plan toward this date, mentally preparing yourself for what is ahead. Stay focused and on track and don't allow anything to get in your way.

Make yourself a promise that you will be giving up the cigarettes on that day. Tell your friends and family, tell your boss, gather all your smoking equipment (cigarettes, lighters, ash trays etc.) into one place so you can dispose of all of them easily on the day you've chosen and then just take a leap of faith and go for it. Wake up that day, bin all your smoking stuff and then go out for the day somewhere nice as a treat, where your mind will be kept active (and so off your nicotine cravings!). Good luck to you!.

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