Treatments for Allergies

Allergies are basically the sensitivity of some people to certain substances that generally don't affect other people. Pollen, dust, animal hair, cosmetics, serums, poisonous plants, drugs, vaccines, certain food products and even physical agents like sunlight, heat and cold are just a few of the things that can cause different types of allergies. Allergic reactions can be as mild as a runny nose to a more severe reaction, such as difficulty in breathing. Discomforts caused by allergies cannot be truly understood unless you have suffered an allergic reaction yourself. Such negative reactions to certain substances can make an individual feel miserable. When people suffer from these allergies, there is a tendency to search for a rapid cure to alleviate the symptoms, but there are a few things that have to be considered before initiating the treatment for your allergy.

There are several ways in which allergic disturbances can be tackled. The foremost thing is to identify the source of the allergy that is affecting you. Though a little difficult, it isn't impossible to track the allergic substance. The next step is to stop the exposure or contact with the allergic substance once it has been discovered. The last and the most important one is that general resistance and health must be strengthened so as to establish a strong immunity towards that particular allergic substance.

There are primarily two methods that can be employed to check if the allergy is due to a food item. The first method involves a general trial and error method of eliminating certain foods from the diet. Avoid foods that you are skeptical about to see if your suspicions are right. This would automatically eliminate many foods and hazards.

Also, restrict yourself to unprocessed and organic foods as much as possible. This will help to eliminate other hazards such as sprays, poisons and pesticides. Once you have eliminated the most possible and disturbing factors, conduct a self-search to discover if there are any symptoms that you have noticed from particular foods. It is a good idea to be on eliminatory diet, i.

e. avoid suspected foods for at least two weeks until the cause has been detected. The best method, however, to overcome or to prevent allergies is to build up a good physical resistance so that you do not easily fall prey to allergens.

Eating only fresh fruit and vegetable juices for 4-5 days is really helpful. Doing this repeatedly will ensure a better tolerance to previous allergies as well. After this fast, a mono diet of fruits or vegetables, such as apples, grapes or carrots can be eaten for a week. Add one food every week to this diet, and after four weeks, protein foods should be added. If you notice any allergic reactions after the introduction of any new foods in the diet, its intake should then be discontinued a different food can be introduced.

This way you may eliminate real allergens from your diet. Last, but not least, foods that form alkaline in the body must be used liberally to boost the normal body reserve of alkaline for everyday activity and is essential for those suffering from various allergies.

The article is written by Nammy Mike. If you want to find out more useful articles about allergy treatments, please visit Allergy Treatments and Natural Allergy Treatments

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