Septic Arthritis A Mini Encyclopedia

Septic Arthritis is also known as infections arthritis or pyogenic arthritis. This disease is not known to most people across the globe. However, one must be aware of this disease, its symptoms, causes and treatment as it is a serious infections that can hit the joints. It can result into severe pain, chills, swelling and inflammation in one or more joints.

In severe cases this can also result in loss of function in the affected joints. In medical terms, septic arthritis has also been considered as a medical emergency. This is because it tends to cause severe damage to the bones and cartilages. It is also capable of resulting in to a septic shock. This is a fatal condition! If you are already shocked by now, don't panic. Just read on and learn more about this deadly disease in order to provide timely medical assistance and saving yourself or your loved ones from the hazards of this fatal disease.

A) People vulnerable to this disease This type of arthritis can strike people of any age group; even infants can suffer from this disease. When it comes to adults, this disease mainly affects the joints that bear weight such as the knee. In children, the disease mainly attacked the hips, knees and shoulders. When it comes to genre that's at maximum risk to get affected from this disease, male homosexuals and women are the main targets. B) Causes of septic arthritis Septic arthritis can majorly affect a person when certain type of infections organisms such as a bacteria reaches a joint.

This bacteria can easily get in to a joint via the blood stream or surgery. An injection or injury can also be a main cause of this type of infection. If this type of arthritis has affected a baby or young child, then it can be because of hemophilus influenza, staphylococci and gram negative bacilli.

People who use intravenous drugs or with diseases that have potential for weakening the immune system such as HIV are also vulnerable to septic arthritis. C) Symptoms of Septic Arthritis Septic arthritis is usually characterized by swelling in the joint, severe or acute pain in the affected area, fever and chills. When this arthritis affects the hip, you may experience pain in the groin area. The pain becomes worse and the patient is unable to walk.

The joint is sore to touch. Newborns or infants experience painful movement of the limb and cries when the diaper is changed or gets fever. Young children and adults tend to experience intense joint pain, low-grade fever, joint swelling, joint redness and inability to move the limb with the infected joint. Chills may also occur but in rare cases. D) Treatment options for septic arthritis The disease can be treated effectively when diagnosed quickly.

Antibiotics are the best options to treat this disease. These are given via a vein to kill the bacteria quickly. The remaining course is taken orally. Surgical drainage is also required under cases where the doctor feels it necessary to drain the fluid.

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