Now Your DNA and Nutrigenomics provides you the perfect supplement

One size fits all nutritional products are a thing of the past. Now thanks to Nutrigenomics or Nutrition and Genetics you can stop guessing what your body needs and have your DNA assessed for the perfect supplement for you and only you. Still considered a "new science" Nutrigenomics utilizes the high-throughput genomic tools in nutrition research. In simple terms this means researchers can enable millions of genetic screening tests to be conducted at the same time.

This in turn allows them to examine how nutrients affect the thousands of genes that make up the human genome. There have been substantial advances in the development of Nutrigenomics due to the powerful developments in genetic research. Personalized nutrition products will greatly decrease chronic disease. We know improper diets create risk for diseases. Genome structure is altered by dietary supplements.

Our genetic makeup influences our health based on our diets. We are about to get healthier and reduce our need for medical care which will save people thousands of dollars. The future is now and these things will be available to the public in August of 2008. This means you will be able to purchase a custom designed, specifically for you, nutritional supplement tailored to your genetic makeup. No more one size fits all nutrition.

Genelink, a leading biosciences company specializing in consumer Genomics, is leading the industry in research and development as well as bringing the product to market. GeneLink's health aging DNA assessment looks for variations in 12 key genes that are very important to our body's overall health. Our genes behave in a particular way and Genelink's DNA assessment looks for how our genes behave according to: *Oxidative Stress *Environmental challenges *Cardiovascular health *Immune health *Neurological health *Eye/vision health *Bone health. Nutrigenomics is groundbreaking technology that is over 10 years in the making. Genelink has been using Nutrigenomics and a DNA designed nutritional system to assess people's genes and build a personalized nutritional supplement specifically designed for them.

A simple cheek swab is taken from an individual, which is then mailed in to the company for a complete DNA assessment. This DNA assessment allows for customized products, to be designed specifically for what the customer's body needs. The products are then mailed to the customer to take in pill form or added to liquid. Since mapping the human genome, researchers have been able to put the puzzle pieces together about our health and why we get sick. Nutrigenomics and individualized nutrition is going to improve the health and wellness of millions of people.

What better thing can you think of to be a part of? Copyright (c) 2008 Doug Lee.

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