Its official dairy products can lead to acne

Dairy products is one of those bad doors for causing acne as well as further worsening your acne condition. Also, for some unlucky ones, it is the root for some serious acne issues. It is hard to swallow the fact that food like milk which is always recommended is your number one factor for causing adult acne. Milk is a big part of dairy products, and milk normally comes from cows by lactating. After lactated, the milk will consist of hormones produced by cow because of pregnancy.

If there's no pregnancy, there will be no milk available. Thus hormones you get from the cows comes with the milk they provide us in a package. Now you know that when we drink milk, our hormones level will increase. This will than cause hormonal changes which would turn out to cause acne.

Diary products also contains iodine, and iodine can also cause acne. For people with skin allergies on diary products, diary products has even more far-reaching effects, resulting in serious severe acne. If you suspect that diary products triggers off your skin allergies, you could check if it is due to diary product that you suffer from acne by avoiding any diary intake. For most of the population, milk and dairy product is where they source for vitamin and minerals, especially for calcium. If you are considering changing your dairy diet, you must replace the vitamins and minerals loss from other food. Some other good sources you can get minerals is calcium supplement, to ensure healthy growth for your bones and teeth.

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