How can a poor diet lead to depression

There are many causes of depression and thousands of people suffer from it every day throughout North America. While the cause of the depression for some is easily found, the cause is not so easily determined for others. Just about anything could be a possible cause, including environmental factors, biological factors or physical factors.

Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, or it could be caused by a past traumatic event. Whatever the cause, research is still being done to further understand it, but there is help and treatment available for anyone who is suffering from depression and would like to get out of it. While most will think about how the above mentioned factors are what can lead to depression, many will not think about how a poor diet can lead to depression. It is a physical influence on both the physical and mental health of a person. A person who does not have enough to eat will often be weakened both mentally and physically.

A lack of food decreases the energy that a person has; it brings on fatigue, the inability to perform properly at school and work, or even sleep problems. The mind and body will often try to warn a person in different ways that they are not getting enough food; either by physical pains or mental exhaustion for the most part. A person who is constantly malnourished may start to feel down more often. Their blood sugar is low and this can cause them to lose energy, confidence and make them feel more frustrated and short tempered because they are lacking the food that they need in order to think clearly. Who would be more prone to having a poor diet that does not give the body what it needs? People who have very busy lives and those who do not manage their time well will often have difficulty in keeping up with their regular meals.

They will often eat on the go or on the run and the foods that they eat at this time are often high in sugar and carbohydrates that only fuel the body for a short period of time. People who are stressed, anxious or who have a dim view of themselves and their lives can all have poor diets. They focus more on eating foods that are easy to prepare in quick time, that taste good and will give them the energy that they need for that moment until the subsequent crash afterwards, when they will often go for the sugary treat or the energy drink to pick them up again. Any online counselor or online therapist will say that good eating habits can help in keeping depression away. Making sure that one is having enough to eat of the right foods will often reduce the affects of stress and anxiety from their lives. People who don't eat well and have a poor diet will be more open to suffering from depression.

It is having enough of the right foods that keep the body balanced; without these foods the body can become imbalanced, including the chemicals in a person's brain and this can lead to some form of depression.

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