Acid reflux foods to avoid Common mistakes and faults

There are many acid reflux foods to avoid and many of those depend on your own body. Your metabolism is different than my metabolism. Your body might have higher concentrated stomach acid than my body. Giving you my Ford Focus owner's manual wont' help you operate your Honda. However, there are similarities that you should take into account.

Never have more than 3 cups of coffee per day. Everybody's esophagus gets more likely to let in stomach acid when you drink a lot of coffee. I say 3 cups because that seems to be the consensus but again, you might be different.

Acid reflux foods to avoid include drinks like coffee and alcohol. A little coffee will only hurt you a little, and a lot well, I think you know. The more fat content the more stomach acid needed for digestion. This is "acid reflux foods to avoid" in laymen's terms. Everyone has their own limit to how much fat they can digest without getting heartburn. You should learn your limit and eat accordingly.

If there is one temptation that brings the most people down this is it. The other acid reflux foods to avoid are basic rules of thumb. Avoid spicy food and avoid food with high citric acid content. Orange juice and oranges will give you heartburn but they are generally good for you, so use your best judgment. Pepperoni and Slim Jims might taste good but they aren't the least of your acid reflux foods to avoid.

There are more acid reflux foods to avoid but this method of learning is very time consuming for the task. The basics are simple to remember but a little harder to avoid. I recommend you start to experiment with your limits to see how much of something you can eat.

If you're serious about learning all you need to know to naturally cure your heartburn, then now is the time. It's faster and more complete than ever. The learning shouldn't end with acid reflux foods to avoid. I urge you to http://hopurl.com/46533 or http://naturalheartburncures.blogspot.com/

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